Creativity comes in the pauses. Trouble is, it’s difficult to ‘hear’ any pauses when your head, home and office are a frenzy of chaos.  So if you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to focus your energy, which project to tackle next or how you’re going to get everything done…get clearing.



Start by extracting overgrown or outdated thoughts, beliefs and ideologies.


Just because something seemed like a good idea five years ago, doesn’t make it relevant , or even useful today. If a belief no longer serves you, bid it farewell. Your head (and creativity) will thank you.


After watching ‘The Story of Stuff’ (a great documentary about consumption) I was stunned to learn that within six months of purchase, on average, only 1% of items are still used!


So chances are, you don’t use (or need) most of what you have in your home or office.


And even if you loved an item once, doesn’t mean you have to hang onto it forever. Unless it has a useful purpose or you still love it, thank the thing for coming into your life…then out it goes.


Last month I took four car loads to the charity shop and another, full of clothes and bedding, to the flood evacuation centre.


And the renewed energy in my home is almost tangible.  A visiting friend commented…


“As soon as I walked in I felt a different, more serene vibe”.


So if you’re not sure what to write, record, teach, sell, paint, create or believe, then start clearing out the past and free up space in your life.


It’s the perfect way to hear the pauses.


What creativity have you found in the pauses when you clear out your mental and physical clutter?  I’d love to know so please share in the comments below.


Thank you for reading, sharing and contributing, it means so much to me that we get to share this little slice of the Internet together.


Tania xx


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