I’m taking about the one you wish didn’t happen, yet you know it’s shaped who you are today. The one you fear someone might uncover one day. They’ll judge or chastise for sure. And what would they think of you? Disgusted, critical or condemning? Perhaps they’ll laugh and question your actions or decision making.  But surely they’ve made mistakes. They must have a secret or two, right? Yet still, what if they don’t have any compassion or understanding of your journey?


No, you decide…it’s a secret that’s best kept hidden, shielded from the public eye…especially from your clients and business colleagues. Imagine what they’d think of you if they found out????


THIS is the start of Your Story Tania.


In that deep, secret place where you feel the most vulnerable.


And yes, you may experience criticism, judgement and rejection…which is perfect.


Because you can identify the attackers and remove them from your life or business.


When you open up your heart, and share the secrets of your story, you strengthen relationships.


And anyone with a negative reaction no longer vibrates within your energy. So send them away with grace and love. No arguing, no justifying and no begging.


Farewell and thanks for all the fish!


I guarantee that you’ll receive more praise for your courage, love and compassion than criticism and judgement.


Today I want to acknowledge the daring spirit of those in our community who replied to last week’s email and shared their biggest challenges. It’s not easy to admit when you f-up or make mistakes. Thank you for sharing.


Embrace your story. It’s what makes you unique and special. It’s what sets you and your business apart from anyone else on the planet.


Your Brand Storyboard starts with you, and your ideal clients will love you for it.


I love you for it.


Tania xx


PS: If you’re looking for tips, training and ideas to help craft your Dynamic Brand Storyboard, come join our new private group and share your daring story.



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